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About Ambiguity

As an associate member Prof. Dr. Angelika Zirker was part of the graduate training group on “Dimensions of Ambiguity” (2008-2011). There she started to do some interdisciplinary research on ambiguity in speaker-hearer interaction with the linguist Prof. Dr. Esme Winter-Froemel. She also encounters the topic of ambiguity in the field of English literature, for instance, in texts by Lewis Carroll and John Donne as well as in a research project she has launched with Dr. Esme Winter-Froemel on “Wordplay.”



After studying English, French and German at the universities of Saarbrücken, Metz und Cardiff, Angelika Zirker completed her PhD on Lewis Carroll in 2010 at Eberhard Karls Universität in Tübingen. She is currently writing her second book on “Stages of the Soul in Early Modern Poetry: Donne and Shakespeare.”



Prof. Dr. Angelika Zirker is a member of several research projects at Tübingen University, among them RTG 1808. She also is part of project A2 “Interpretability in Context” of the Collaborative Research Center “The Constitution of Meaning” (SFB 833; Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer and Prof. Dr. Sigrid Beck; (Homepage of SFB 833). She was one of the supervisors in the graduate programme “Sacred Texts.” Together with Prof. Dr. Esme Winter-Froemel she has recently launched an interdisciplinary research project on “Wordplay” http://www.wortspiel.uni-tuebingen.de/). Her research interests include Early Modern Literature, with a focus on poetry and Shakespearean theatre, the 19th century novel, children’s literature, and the relationship of literature and ethics. She is also particularly interested in the interdisciplinary interface of literature and linguistics as well as of religion and literature.



In her teaching a focus of Angelika Zirker is on the literature of the Early Modern period and the 19th century. She is also very much interested in interdisciplinary connections, for instance, between religion and literature, linguistics and literature and literature and ethics. In a project on the annotation of literary texts (with Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer), she aims at combining teaching and research (Webpage of the "Annotating Literature"-Project). Follow the link for an overview of her current teaching.


Other Activities

Together with Matthias Bauer, Inge Leimberg, and Burkhard Niederhoff, Angelika Zirker is the editor of Connotations: A Journal for Critical Debate, which has been published since 1991. Connotations is an international, peer-reviewed journal focusing on the language of literature in a historical perspective. It was founded in order to provide a forum for exchanging ideas derived from the close reading of literature in English. In Connotations, critical debate is put into practice, for example, by the editors’ encouraging experts working on related subjects to submit responses to articles accepted for publication. Full open access is available at www.connotations.de.


Publications on Ambiguity

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Further Publications

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