Doctoral students council

The Graduate Academy mentors and supports the founding, work, and organization of the doctoral student convents, which are organized at the faculty level.


Importance of doctoral student councils

In the past, doctoral students were not recognized as a status group of their own and were only partially represented in university bodies, either as part of the academic "Mittelbau" or as part of the student body. The councils are intended to close this gap and represent the interests of all doctoral students regardless of the form of their affiliation with the university (academic staff, enrolled doctoral students, doctoral students financed through scholarships).

What are doctoral student councils?

  • The State Higher Education Act LHG provides for the establishment of councils to represent the interests of all doctoral students enrolled for doctoral studies.
  • At the University of Tübingen, the councils are established at the faculty level.

Aims and tasks

The tasks of the councils are defined in the State University Act. The councils are involved in changes to the doctoral regulations. They send an advisory member to the Faculty Council and support the Dean's Office in all matters concerning doctoral students. In addition, the councils can organize their work independently and, for example, also comment on university policy issues.