Sofiya Kartalova

Proceedings opoened: 29 August 2019

Dissertation colloquium: 7 July 2020


Biographical information

  • September 2016 – February 2020: Research Assistant and PhD Student at Research Training Group 1808: Ambiguity – Production and Perception at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany
  • 2014-2015: LLM in Professional Legal Practice (Flex) at BPP University (Holborn, London), United Kingdom
  • July 2014: Called to the Bar, The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn
  • 2012 – 2013 (Graduated: 2014): Bar Professional Training Course at BPP University (Holborn, London), United Kingdom
  • 2010 – 2011: Erasmus exchange programme at Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 2009 – 2012: LLB European Law at Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth, United Kingdom




  • 2012: Lord Denning Scholarship, Major Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) Awards at Lincoln’s Inn



Research Interests

  • Ambiguity
  • The strategic value of ambiguity
  • European constitutional law
  • Judicial dialogue
  • The authority of EU law




»The Strategic Value of Ambiguity for the Authority of EU Law in the Dialogue between the European Court of Justice and the National Courts« (working title)

(to follow shortly)




  • Kartalova, Sofiya. (2018). "The Scales of Justice in Equilibirium. The ECJ's Strategic Resolution of Ambiguity in Stefano Melloni v Ministerio Fiscal 2013 (Case C-399/11)." JLL 7: 25-46.
  • Kartalova, Sofiya and Angelika Gorak (2013). "The Interests of Minority and Majority Shareholders in the EU". In: INTERSTATE - Journal of International Affairs, Vol. 2013/14.1. 55 – 68. An overview of the mechanisms and principles adopted by the EU to guard the interests of minority and majority shareholders.
  • Kartalova, Sofiya (2013). "The Identity Crisis of Categories – Volunteer or Employee in Employment Law?" In: Legal InCite, Issue 8, Autumn 2013. 20 - 21. An examination of the relevance and substance of the distinction between volunteers and employees in relation to the scope of their employment law rights, when engaged by a charity.
  • Kartalova, Sofiya (2012). "In the ECJ We Trust: The Authority of EU Law in the Context of Constitutional Conflict" In: INTERSTATE - Journal of International Affairs, Vol. 2011/12.1. 28 – 33. An exploration of the dynamics of trust and the genesis of the authority of EU law in the interaction between the ECJ and the national constitutional courts.
  • Kartalova, Sofiya (2011). "The North Pole: Shall We Race?" In: INTERSTATE - Journal of International Affairs, Vol. 2010/11.1. 7-11. An assessment of the legal weight and significance of the territorial claims on the North Pole in the context of public international law.
  • Kartalova, Sofiya (2009). "The Lisbon Treaty: Am I A Real Boy Now?" In: INTERSTATE - Journal of International Affairs, Vol. 2009/10. 1 . 10-13.
  • A critical appraisal of the importance of the Lisbon Treaty for the legal order and the constitutional evolution of the EU.