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About Ambiguity

Jutta Hartmann’s interest in ambiguity lies mainly in the area of syntax and the interfaces to semantics and information structure. She focuses on the interpretation of syntactic ambiguity and the role and dynamics of information structure and provides a model of the interaction of the interfaces in her Habilitation thesis. Her special interests lie in the area of ambiguities in nominal copula clauses and the analysis and interpretation of cleft-sentences. Within the RTG, Jutta Hartmann contributes to the conceptualization and maintenance of the Interdisciplinary Corpus of Ambiguity Phenomena (TInCAP), which is part of the overall research program of the RTG.



Jutta Hartmann studied English Linguistics, English Literature and Political Science at the University of Tübingen and received her M.A. degree in 2003. Jutta Hartmann completed her doctoral thesis in General Linguistics at the University of Tilburg in 2008 on the topic of Expletives in Existentials: English there and German da. From 2009-2016, Jutta Hartmann worked as an assistant professor with Prof. Dr. Susanne Winkler at the English Department in Tübingen. She took over a substitute professorship at the English Linguistics Department at the University of Stuttgart from October 2015-September 2016. She finished her Habilitation with the Habilitation thesis „The Syntax and Focus Structure of Specificational Copular Clauses and Clefts.” and with the talk „Ambiguität vs. Vagheit am Beispiel von gut: ein guter Wein vs. eine gute Prise Salz. in January 2016. Since October 2016, Jutta Hartmann is working as a researcher at the Institute for the German Language in Mannheim.



Jutta Hartmann specializes in the area of syntax and the interfaces to semantics and information structure. She works on existential sentences, copular clauses and focus constructions, especially cleft clauses. Additionally, she has expertise in agreement phenomena in copular clauses in Germanic. She is part of the project A7 „Focus Constructions and Freezing“ at the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 833 (until June 2017).



Jutta Hartmann teaches linguistics at the English Department, with a focus on syntax and syntactic theories. Courses include syntax, information structure, morphology, varieties of English and Second Language Acquisition.


Other Activities

Jutta Hartmann cooperates with various researchers outside Tübingen, especially with Prof. Dr. Remus Gergel, Universität Graz, Veronika Hegedűs, Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Caroline Heycock, University of Edinburgh, Nataša Milićević, English Department, University of Novi Sad, Dr. Martin Salzmann, Leipzig University, Dr. Balazs Suranyi, Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest.


Publications on Ambiguity

  • Hartmann, Jutta M.; Sauter, Corinna; Schole, Gesa; Wagner, Wiltrud; Gietz, Peter; Winkler, Susanne (2016) TinCAP – ein interdisziplinäres Korpus zu Ambiguitätsphänomenen. Conference Abstract, DHd 2016, Leipzig.
  • Schmeh, Katharina; Peter W. Culicover; Jutta Hartmann; Susanne Winkler (2015). "Discourse Function Ambiguity of Fragments: A Linguistic Puzzle." Ambiguity: Language and Communication. Ed. Susanne Winkler. Berlin: de Gruyter, 199-216.
  • Hartmann, Jutta M. (2011). "Predicate Inversion and English There-Sentences." Acta Linguistica Hungarica 58.3, 221-240.
  • Hartmann, Jutta M. (2008). Expletives in Existentials: English there and German da. Utrecht: LOT.
  • Hartmann, Jutta M. (2005). "Why There Is(n’t) Wh-Movement in There-Constructions." Linguistics in the Netherlands 2005. Ed. Jenny Doetjes and Jeroen van de Weijer. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 87-98.


Further Publications

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